The Last Woman

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ISBN: 9781457544200
96 pages

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ISBN: 9781457545047
96 pages

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Love is just one emotion experienced in the journey of life, but perhaps the most powerful one of all. An award-winning writer shares his feelings on this most human of topics, offering insights through his imagery and verse.

The Last Woman explores love, jealousy, rejection, loss and relationships, sometimes with whimsy and sometimes with sadness.


About Bill Garten

Award-winning poet Bill Garten won The Emerson Prize for Poetry and The Margaret Ward Martin Prize for Creative Writing. The prolific writer, a former English professor, has taught numerous creative writing workshops. Bill has published five books of poetry: Black Snow, Red Rain, Eventually, Symptoms and Box of Pain, Box Of Fear. The Last Woman is his sixth published book of poetry.



After things settle down you really don’t know how
You were in it, you have no idea

Like a riptide at the beach
It surrounds you and before you realize it

You actually are in trouble. It engulfs you.
And you are swimming for your life


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